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Agile solution meeting business requirement

  • On Nov 12th 2015 SBA certified Maven Inc as HubZone Company
  • We are excited to hire and welcome HubZone employees to our training offices.
  • Maven Inc. has moved to new HubZone offices in Leesburg Virginia.
  • Maven Inc. is awarded with Small Business 8(a) certification from the Small Business Administration.


Enterprise Application

An Enterprise Application is a vast and crucial business application. Enterprise applications are challenging yet scalable, distributed, component based and mission critical. We dwell with the technology, brainstorm and provide the appropriate solution that meets customer requirements.

We at Maven work closely to understand business requirements and develop the software that integrates all information, process and function to create IT architecture. Enterprise application software includes content, communication, collaboration software, CRM software, digital and content creation software, ERP software, office suites, project and portfolio management and SCM software. 

Maven’s Development Model

We understand the business needs and utilize agile methodologies for software development. Be it Agile Scrum Methodology, Lean and Kanban Software development, Extreme programming, Dynamic Systems Development method, Feature Driven Development, we are your trusted partner in enabling your business to succeed and add value in the market place.

We deliver value to our customers by following the below Agile principles-

  • Meet Customer satisfaction with rapid software delivery
  • Maintaining high interaction between Business Analyst and Developers
  • A strong motivated trusted team work to excel your business requirement
  • Sustainable development to maintain a constant pace
  • Communication in all means is the core strength that allows us to stay in sync with development
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and quality design
  • Delivering working software in frequent intervals
  • Acceptable Change Request in between release phases
  • Simplicity with reusability to minimize lines of code
  • Self-organized team
  • Follow SCRUM methodology to deliver a working software system

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing service means providing accessible space for users on demand over the internet through cloud computing service providers server as opposed to providing from a company own on-premises server. Cloud computing solution is highly leveraged in support of startup environment globally by Corporate and Government organization in this current eco system.

Cloud Computing service are dynamically scalable service that meets user needs, and because the service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service, there is no minimal need for a company to provision or deploy its resources or allocate an IT staff to manage the service. Certain examples of cloud service are online data storage and backup solutions, web-based e-mail services, hosted office suite and document collaboration service, database processing, managed technical support and many more.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that helps you to grow with its integrated services. It is evident from facts that nearly 57% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted Microsoft Azure platform as their cloud computing solution. We help leverage your business with this technology using

Why Us

We have the expertise of designing, developing and porting new as well as existing IT solutions in Cloud in order to gain cost benefits in an organizations


Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development follows a crafting and developing methodology that eases the software development for smart phones and high-tech devices. We develop software programs that can be integrated either during manufacturing process itself or can be purchased from software companies for cell phones and then integrated. We also support downloading the software directly to your smart phone via web browser. We develop software that are compatible to all popular devices, OS- the Android OS, HP WebOS, Symbian OS, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile and of course Apple iOS. 

Our Services:

  • Concept Creation, Graphic Design and Specification Documentation
  • Support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Application Development
  • Quality Assurance of developed Mobile Application
  • Mobile Web Development and Optimization
  • Web based Backend compatibility and services
  • Publishing Mobile Application and providing support with deliverable Documentation

Software Testing

Are you looking for an Independent Testing Service Provider to improvise your desktop application or web application quality?  Are you still clueless on the quality and performance of your developed application?

We assure you a cost effective solution with our expertise testing team with many years of experience to deliver your needs with quality output and documentation deliverable. We provide the best solution with more control over the process, resulting in higher productivity with our team releases.


  • Cost effective solution
  • Detailed approach to requirements and functionality
  • Higher transparency and productivity
  • Planned approach with proper testing tool selection
  • Guaranteed timely quality deliverable with appropriate documentation

Manual & Automation Testing Services

  • Functional Testing
  • Configuration Testing
  • Web services Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Migration Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Network Testing
  • QA process design

Operations & Maintenance

Software operations and maintenance is an end to end service provided for customer product or application service. Our operation and maintenance activity extends to support and optimization activity to ensure the product or service is fully functional and optimal until the life of the system.

Our Special Interest Software Projects are –

Migration/Porting Projects

                This class of projects requires only change in environment or platform without altering the functionality of the application.

Reverse Engineering Projects

These projects are high manpower intensive and are of great challenge as it involves documentation and design recovery. These are executed for legacy application systems where documentation is out of synchronization with the source code. These projects have little scope for automation support while partial support is available through compiler tools, which includes cross reference information, control flow graphs, and data flow graphs.

These projects are classified as

  • Program Level Documentation
  • Functional Design Recovery [intensive re-designing]

Maintenance Projects

These projects are applicable to legacy systems that have a valid lifetime. The basic understanding of maintenance project is to understand the application and the execution environment.

Our maintenance activity involves the following categories